As an animal lover, plus a pitbull owner, I have mixed  feelings about Michael Vick being released. He has paid his debt to society but is he a changed man? Does he still think dog fighting is a sport versus animal abuse?

Houston Chronicle Reports:

Michael Vick is out of prison and headed home, penniless and reviled for running a vicious dogfighting ring, but hopeful for a second chance at his once-charmed life as a star NFL quarterback.

The suspended quarterback served 19 months in prison on the dogfighting conviction that capped one of the most astonishing falls in sports history — one that stole his wealth and popularity.

“Football is on the back-burner for now,” said agent Joel Segal, who negotiated Vick’s 10-year, $130 million contract with the Atlanta Falcons but will be asking for substantially less if his tarnished client’s suspension is lifted by NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell.

It’s reported while on probation he will have to take a $10 per hour construction job. Afterwards, if the NFL lifts his suspension he will be allowed to return to football. He won’t return to Atlanta, but it’s reported there are a couple of other teams very interested in him. Which ones? Rumor is Oakland Raiders and possibly Arizona Cardinals.

It’s reported that he will donate his time to charity organisations to help urban teens make better choices. Also, speak out against animal abuse. Hopefully, he is a changed man and can turn a very negative situation into a positive.

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Jacy Nova

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