What the hell? Why is Kate Walsh’s ex husband to be Alex Young, acting like such a douchebag. On top of it, he’s an exec for Fox, and he’s trying to take her to the cleaners. They knew each other for only about five minutes before they got married. Now after being married about ten minutes, Kate Walsh is running like hell away from this crazy guy. Isn’t this guy worried about his career?

Boston Herald Reports:

Kate Walsh’s divorce from her estranged hubby, FOX exec Alex Young is getting verrrrry ugly. TMZ.com reported yesterday that Walsh’s divorce attorney has asked for a trial date – which isn’t a good sign. Apparently, the hubby is fuming because shortly before they married, they bought a multi-million dollar manse and tricked it out something fierce. And now he wants his piece of the real estate action but claims Kate’s accountants won’t let him look at the books. It’s the same house, BTW, that he fled when the marriage went sour, leaving the “Private Practice” star to foot the big mortgage and the monthly upkeep. It’s also lost market value. Sort of like his value. As a husband.

Now, it appears Alex Young has subpoenaed the President of Disney to discuss her finances. He might as well move to Omaha now, you don’t mess with Mickey. Only in Hollywood.

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