In the latest update about the swine flu outbreak, cases continue to pop up around the country. One of the cities hardest hit is New York, Texas, California, and Illinois.  In fact, three schools in NYC,  have closed in response to a swine flu outbreak.  One outbreak has left one staff member in critical condition and sent hundreds of kids home with flu symptoms, in a flare-up of the deadly virus that sent shock waves through the world last month.

A Health Department spokeswoman tells The Associated Press that four students and the staff member in NYC have tested positive for swine flu at a middle school in Queens. At another middle school in Queens, 241 students were absent Thursday. Dozens more were sick at an elementary school.

In Mexico, the tourist trade has screeched to a halt, and it’s reported popular hotspots like Cancun are deserted. If you want more up to date info on the outbreak, click here.

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Jacy Nova

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