The stars are not exactly aligned in Carrie Prejean’s favor. On Monday, the officials of the Miss California pageant are calling a press conference to discuss whether or not she can keep her crown. The first runner up, Tami Farrell, will be there as well. Uhm, that doesn’t look so good. Maybe she has decided to step down on her own.

What seems strange is Shanna Moakler is one of the officials. Miss Drama Queen and on again/off again wife of Travis Barker. Hasn’t she posed nude before in Playboy? Seems hypocritical, plus she paid for Carrie Prejean’s boob job. I wonder if they are paying her off as well. Ratings have never been so good for the pageant. Drama and excitement just like a reality show. At least one Calfornia wildfire will be put out on Monday.

E! Reports:

Shanna Moakler and Keith Lewis, co-directors of the Miss California U.S.A. pageant, are holding a press conference Monday morning to announce the fate of controversial crown holder Carrie Prejean.

Officials are in talks with the 21-year-old beauty queen’s reps to determine whether she should keep the coveted tiara due to possible contract violations stemming from public appearances with same-sex marriage opponents and for failing to disclose sexy underwear ads taken as a teen.

In what could point to which way they’re leaning, Tami Farrell, first runner-up in the Miss California contest, will also attend Monday’s press conference.

On Tuesday, Donald Trump, co-owner of the Miss Universe Organization, will hold a press conference in New York to discuss the scandal. He will reportedly decide if Prejean will be stripped of her title as first runner-up in the 2009 Miss U.S.A pageant, which was held April 19.

I guess the moral of the story is don’t mess with Perez Hilton. On the other hand, now she can actually pose for Playboy, or write a book,  star in a reality show, etc. etc.

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