This is pretty interesting Twilight gossip today, whether it’s true or not. Ted over at E! claims that studio heads over at Summit have  FORBIDDEN their vampire stars to date. Why? Too much drama.

E! Reports:

And Summit just won’t say if it’s true or not—even though I’ve been asking them for ages! Some sources even claim this studio edict is demanded contractually.

“[Summit]’s really strict about their stars not dating,” revealed an insider with firsthand knowledge about the rules and regulations regarding being a Twilight star. “So Rob and Kristen are pretty screwed.”

Uh, that’s only if the two beautiful Twilight costars are actually dating, right?

Guess this gets into that über-tricky dictionary dilemma, otherwise known as define dating, right? “I can tell you this,” added another source supertight with the Twi cast, “Kristen and her boyfriend [Michael Angarano] are together—even if it’s just for show, they’re together right now.”

Well, that would explain all the rumors. If you tell people NOT to do something, that’s exactly what they will do. So is Kristin’s romance just for show? Is Rob really dating Nikki, or are the gay rumors true? Or is this story just for publicity…you be the judge.

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Jacy Nova

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