Now that Rock of Love bus is over, are Taya and Bret still together? Has absence made the heart grow fonder for our foxy Pisces dude Bret and Penthouse Pet Taya Parker? In a new interview, Taya tries to keep it real, and shares her wisdom on love.

Reality TV Reports:

Another reality that Taya must face is the fact that several of Bret’s past relationships haven’t worked out – so does she think theirs will be any different?  “I think that our lifestyles complement each other so well. I don’t see a need for a lot of strategy. Whereas with some of the other girls, they might have to finagle this or that, I’m already on the road. It’s not like I work 9 to 5. My job as it is, I can go, ‘Hey, Bret’s going to be in Vegas. Can you schedule my trip to Vegas while he’s there?’ I have a lot of freedom when it comes to scheduling. If it can work, it will,”  she said.

So, is Taya in love with Bret or not?  She responded, “I don’t throw that word around carelessly. I love my son. I would take a bullet for my son. If my son needed my heart, I would give it to him. That’s how I know what love is. I never say that word even if I feel like the feelings I have are bordering on love. If I ever say that I love you, you can take that shit to the bank, because I think the worst thing you can do is tell someone you love them and then take it back. I think that’s the problem with relationships in general. Bret and I have a lot in common. We had a lot to build on after leaving the show. Our lives are amazingly compatible. I have a child, he has children. We both grew up around music. We have Catholic families. We both grew up with meager beginnings; with small town backgrounds. There were a lot of reasons why we bonded. They didn’t show our deepest moments of connection on the show. If ever two people could fall in love, I’m sure it is us.”

Lets hope these two make it. I would hate to see Brett do Rocker of Love 4. Our boy looks damn tired.

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