Wowza, this is juicy gossip. According to British singer Marilyn, he had a torrid five year love affair with Gwen Stefani’s husband Gavin Rossdale. So I guess the sexy Scorpio does swing both ways. Gwen is so progressive.

iCelebz Reports:

Marilyn, 46, said: “He was the love of my life. We were together five years, but it felt like 40.” In 1995, singer Boy George – a close friend of Marilyn – alleged Gavin, 43, and Marilyn had had an affair in his autobiography “Take It Like A Man”‘ but both men denied the claims.

However, Marilyn – real name Peter Robinson – insists he lied in order to protect the “Swallowed” singer’s burgeoning career. The “Calling Your Name” star added to In Touch Weekly magazine: “He was just becoming successful in America. I agreed to lie against every grain of my being.”

Responding to Boy George’s claims, Gavin previously said: “I wasn’t dating Marilyn. We were, and still are, good friends. George thinks everyone is gay.”

Whatever floats your boat. It’s reported he REALLY REALLY digs drag queens. Gavin is a rockstar and hot guy. I wonder what Gwen thinks?

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