In this weeks Nostraboris says, he muses on the recent foreclosure crisis, and all these nifty deals on Downtown Lofts in LA. Yes, it sounds sexy and cool but is it really? Read on and find out.

Nostraboris Says:

Ever consider buying a condo downtown? Hurry, they’re going fast, and now is the time to buy. To get a taste, here’s a review from one of the lucky people to get in early:

“As I rounded the corner on the 9th floor, a smell far more disturbing than anything you should encounter in any building other than a morgue hit me. I followed the smell to Unit #910. The stench of urine and feces was overwhelming. I knocked on the door, and the tenant, a skinny and pale young man, opened the door. I told him that his dog was disturbing me. He then told me that he had 9 DOGS”.

Yes, these are the rants and raves of an actual tenant in one of those “cool urban lofts.” Personally, I think downtown LA is a shit hole. No vibe, does not hold a candle to NYC, Chicago, or San Francisco. If you want to be in LA, it’s the beach baby.

Read the hilarious post of the tenant. Hysterical.

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Jacy Nova

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