Hey Astrochicks readers, if you’re feeling horny, you might want to skip posting for a no strings attached affair on Craigslist. Why? Well, one prankster has been trolling Craigslist for hook ups. Posing as a chick, he received over 170 responses and photos from men. What did he do? He posted the results online of course.

Craigslist Crimespace

Jason Fortuny was praised by me for conducting what was called the Craigslist Experiment.Posing as a woman looking for sex, Fortuny snared 170 men through a fake Craigslist ad, then publicly released the men’s names, e-mails and other personal information.

I actually thought that was clever and funny, MHIC not so much. Fortuny prides himself on being an internet troll if not the internet troll. As much as I thought MHIC was uncalled for I have to give him credit. He pulled the wool over a lot of people’s eyes. It made me shake my head that so many people fell for an obvious hoax. All I have to say to that is, well played sir. Trolling sometimes comes with a price as Mr. Fortuny is being sued for his Craigslist Experiment.

I can’t believe someone actually sued him. If you’re a big enough ass to send a stranger your name, address, phone number, and naked photos of yourself…well be prepared to be embarrassed. It could be anyone. Your mother, brother, wife, or next door neighbor.  Astrochicks loves Craigslist.

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Jacy Nova

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