Sorry kids, here is my first spoiler alert for Daisy of Love. If you don’t want to read it, stop now, or keep on going. First, I think most of the guys Daisy of Love are so cliche. Typical rocker dudes, that you can find on any corner in Hollywood, or at the Rainbow or Key Club on a Friday night. Also, supposedly rumor on the street she is dating Tommy Lee.

Anyhoo, my prediction is there is going to be a definite front runner on the show, and I think he may make it to the finals. Who is he? He’s a Cage Fighter, Jeremiah Riggs.

Around the Octagon Reports:

Jeremiah Riggs’ stay on season 7 of the hit reality show The Ultimate Fighter didn’t end as planned, when he was defeated in his preliminary fight by Dan Cramer, losing his shot at the fabled six-figure contract with the UFC. But that didn’t stop him from getting back on the Reality Show Bandwagon.

“One of my buddies called me when I was on the way to camp and he said ‘You aren’t going to believe this.’ I said ‘What is it?’ He said ‘You are going to be on Daisy of Love.’ I thought he was joking. He had signed me up and I didn’t know,” says Riggs of his selection to be on the VH-1 reality show. “A few hours later someone else from VH1 called and said ‘Can you be in Atlanta this weekend?’ I thought, well what have I got to lose? We were off from camp so I went. The girls loved me.”

Riggs—known as “Big Rig” on the VH-1 show—hopes the exposure will help his career as he continues to climb up the MMA ladder and expand his boundaries as a businessman.

“Nowadays with the fight world you have to broaden your horizons and be an entrepreneur. Fighting is a priority but you have to market yourself. It’s reality TV and a shot at a hot girl, why not?” Riggs told in a recent interview. “If a promoter sees me and wants to use me that’ll be great. Fighters are entertainers. As a fighter you are a businessman. It’s a business and you have to train hard to get better and make money. You need to make people recognize that you are doing big things. Folks need to say, ‘He was on VH1 and on Ultimate Fighter 7.’ Then the promoter will think that will lead to ticket sales. I called Matt Hughes and told him about the show and what it was about and he said it was a great idea and I should go for it.”

Despite his time on The Ultimate Fighter—where coach Rampage Jackson dubbed him “Mississippi”—Riggs didn’t use that experience to try to win the heart of Daisy on the Daisy of Love.

“I’m Jeremiah Riggs and I’m not ashamed of who I am or where I came from. A lot of kids think they are bad because they are fighters. I’m not going to walk around telling everyone I’m a UFC fighter. I’m only knocking on the door of being a UFC fighter,” says Riggs. “ I’ve trained with numerous world champions. I’ve been to Mileitich’s place and trained with Jens Pulver. I’ve been at the HIT squad with Matt Hughes and Robbie Lawler. I’m just a regular person trying to make a career of fighting. I just love to do it. There was another guy on the show that was a fighter and he played it up for the cameras. I’m not like that. I’m a confident person. If you want to try me, try me. If they ask me I tell them, but I don’t run around telling everybody. I’m still me.”

Despite the stop on VH-1, Riggs still makes it clear that he is a fighter first and that being a fighter is still his focus.

While fighting may still be Riggs’ focus, he isn’t ruling out a third stint on a reality show. “I’m looking to fight pretty soon.. I’m just looking to get things in line. I’m sure once the show starts it might get crazy. I’m just going to bob and weave and take things as they come my way,” says Riggs. “If [VH-1] gave me my own show, ‘I love Mississippi’ they’d never have to make another one. I’d like to do that and pick out my own girls. Give me 25 badass bitches, shoot. That would be great.”

Well, his wish just might come true. I mean come on, they have Twelve Pack from I Love New York, fighting for he as well. LAME!!!!!!!

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Jacy Nova

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