Mickey Rourke, is a total softy, and is actually a very sentimental Virgo dude. This week, he was reunited with Kim Basinger, for the premiere of The Informers in Florida. Speaking with reporters, he mentioned that Kim Basinger recently sent him a heartfelt note about his performance in The Wrestler.

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MICKEY ROURKE teared up when he received a heartfelt letter from his 9½ WEEKS co-star KIM BASINGER, expressing how much she loved THE WRESTLER.

The movie star admits the note from his old friend meant as much to him as winning accolades for the film. He recalls, “Coming from her, it was very special and it was very generous and heartfelt letter. It brought me to tears, really.”

The pair reunited for the first time in 23 years on the red carpet at the premiere for their new movie The Informers in Hollywood on Thursday (16Apr09), and Rourke admits he was very nervous about meeting the screen beauty again.
He says, “We had no screen time together in the movie (The Informers), so I was very nervous. I hadn’t seen her in 23 years.”

Over the last year, Saturn has conjuncted Rourke’s  Sun in Virgo. It’s a period where you either sink or swim. Fortunately, he has matured as an actor and is rebuilding his star status. I can’t wait to see the movie.

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