Poor Shia, he received tragic news that he will never regain full use of his injured hand. Last year, Shia was in a traffic shiaaccident and injured his hand in the process. At the time, cops thought he was drunk, and he was issued a DUI. During the investigation, they found out that another driver actually was responsible. He still got his license suspended for a year.

In new interview, he was asked how much mobility he would regain, Shia replied: “Probably about 80-something per cent. I’ll be able to make a fist again. There’s a knuckle I’ll never be able to move again, but that’s probably the only permanent damage, other than the scarring.”

“I’m on my third surgery. My middle finger is still crooked as a noodle, so they’ve got to straighten it out and put a screw in it. They shaved a piece of bone off my hip and made a bone for my finger out of it.”

Shia was shooting “Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen” when the incident occurred, and admits returning to work was one of the most difficult things he has ever done.

He explained to Entertainment Weekly: “It’s hard to do anything. It’s hard to button your pants or brush your teeth, let alone jump off a three-story building into a pad. This movie was the most physical thing I’ve ever had to do, and I had to do it with a broken hand. It’s the hardest thing I’ve ever had to do in my life.”

Shia is a crazy Gemini dude, friendly, fun, and super smart. It’s a bummer about his hand. Hopefully, he’s not in too much pain and he will take it easy on the partying. As you can see in his DUI picture, he looks pretty happy.

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Jacy Nova

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