In the “Rock of Love Bus” finale, Bret picked Taya to be his girlfriend for a few hours. I thought Taya was the best fit for him, although I really thought he would pick Mindy. I guess her “funky” over emotional personality got on his nerves. What I did find out is that Taya is not only “Penthouse Pet of the Year,” she also was “Exotic Dancer of the Year,” and has appeared in Playboy. Come on, this is a marriage made in rock heaven.

In a recent interview with Beverly Palmer, she said that she thought Taya and Bret had a weird connection. Also, she thought that Mindy was there for the right reasons. Beverly admits most girls were there to get famous and of course Beverly has been bitten by the star bug and is moving to LA to find fame and skank fortune. Sigh…I guess we will see her on “I Love Money 3” and “Rock of Love Charm School.”

When asked if he was what she expected, she said he was a cool and down to earth guy. If she had to do it over again, she said she would probably drink less.

Lets hope that this is the LAST “Rock of Love” for Bret. He looks really really tired. He needs to take a break. I wonder if Taya and him are still together?  I hope they pick Tommy Lee to do the next one. If not, we always have “Daisy of Love” to entertain us for a few seasons.

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Jacy Nova

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