What’s love got to do with it? I guess everything. No more “Sex in the City” for Sarah Jessica-Parker and her hubby Matthew Broderick. I guess she got tired of his wandering eye.

Celebrity Smack Reports:

Sex and the City star, Sarah Jessica Parker, and her husband of nearly 12 years, Matthew Broderick are in the process of getting a divorce. The couple, who were married in May 1997, have one child, James, 6.

I love these two together and am totally bummed about the break-up! They were both cool geeks in the 80s. Broderick with Ferris Bueller and Parker in Square Pegs. They just seemed like a natural fit.

Both have denied a divorce is in the works, and it seems their people are doing a good job of keeping quiet about it. But you heard it here, first. They’re officially dunzo.

Gosh, who will Sarah date now? Mr. Big is taken, maybe she should try someone who is NOT in the biz. Although, she did throw out that BIG HINT that she thought Hugh Grant was super sexy. I just don’t see how two actors can make it together. Especially, if one is super successful and the other isn’t.

Sarah is an Aries girl, she will bounce back. She is full of live, passion, and fun. Girl power!

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Jacy Nova

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