Thank god, Sarah Palin, didn’t become our first female Vice President. Her family continues to embarass her and exposes the REAL FAMILY VALUES. Drugs, stealing, and teen pregnancy. Go Sarah!!!

Huffington Post Reports:

Police say Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin’s sister-in-law is accused of breaking into the same home twice to steal money.

Deputy Wasilla Police Chief Greg Wood says 35-year-old Diana Palin was arrested Thursday after she was confronted by the homeowner in the governor’s hometown of Wasilla. She faces two counts of felony burglary and misdemeanor counts of criminal trespass and theft.

Wood says tire tracks and shoe prints tied Palin to another break-in Tuesday in which $400 was taken. Police have not tied Palin to another burglary at the home last week.

Governor spokeswoman Meghan Stapleton says Palin is the half sister of the governor’s husband and the family has no comment. Diana Palin’s husband says his wife has a court-appointed attorney.

In other news, Palin’s daughter’s baby daddy, Levi Johnston, has hit the talk show circuit. He’s complaining Bristol won’t let him see his baby without supervision. Also, last month, his mom was arrested for possession of Meth. What’s up with this family?  A bunch of Alaskan hillbillies.

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