They say karma is a bitch, it looks like Jason Mesnick our Cancer boy may be getting his. According to In Touch Weekly jason-and-mollymagazine, Molly Malaney has broken up with Jason, or she will be this Easter weekend. Is it true?

National Ledger Reports:

Do you believe in karma?  If so that might just mean that Jason’s bad karma may be coming back to haunt him.  According to his close friend cited by In Touch, Molly, 24, is no longer enamored of the single dad – and is considering breaking up with him over Easter weekend, when the two plan to meet up in in his hometown of Seattle.  “The more she sees Jason, the less she likes him” the friend reveals.

Poor Jason, I feel sorry for him, sort of. He has been like a kid in a candy shop, I think he overdosed on the sugar a little too much. He’s never had so much attention in his life. To me, Molly has been all about winning. She must be GREEN with envy that Melissa is on the cover of all the magazines, while she’s stuck in Wisconsin with Jason. What did she really win?

Hopefully, the rumor isn’t true and the couple will make it for Ty’s sake. Stay tuned.

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Jacy Nova

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