In the latest Molly and Jason saga, it looks like our two lovebirds are still going strong. He visited his girl in jason-and-mollyMilwaukee, Wisconsin a few weeks ago and got the thumbs up from her friends.

On his official website,, he announced Molly will be visiting him this weekend in Seattle. Also, that his cute little boy Ty is obsessed with Batman.

Jason says:

Ty has become completely obsessed with Batman.  He’s been into everything related to Batman, no interest in Robin, just Batman.  It is so funny!

I am absolutely thrilled about Molly coming into town this weekend & Ty is as well.  She had given him a batman toy a few weeks back & it’s become his favorite toy.  I’m trying to convince her to show up at the Seatac baggage claim dressed up as Catwoman…we’ll see.  When you are looking at the photo above, think of us this weekend.  Great Scotts Batman!

Actually, I think Molly would make a pretty sexy Catwoman. I wonder if the dressing up is really for Ty and not for Jason?  He has some pics of Molly and him together. I have to admit, they look totally in love. Maybe she will move to Seattle after all.

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Jacy Nova

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