THE BACHELORETTE – Scandalous Rumor: Two Bachelors Offered $50k to be Chosen by Jillian Harris???

The Bachelorette rumor mill has already started. What is the latest? According to Reality Steve, this season of the Bachelorette may be heavily scripted. In fact, he says that two bachelors were offered $50,000 to be guaranteed to be in the finals. Are they serious? Come on ABC, can’t we have a REAL dating show. Can’t you allow Jillian Harris to MAYBE find love? Reports:

Reality Steve reports that filming starts today in Los Angeles. He also claims that sources tell him two of the bachelors were offered $50,000 to appear on the show and “guaranteed” to be in the final two — but both turned it down. This seems a bit far-fetched on many levels, but hey, Steve was right about the whole Jason Mesnick switcheroo.  I wouldn’t put anything past Bachelor creator Mike Fleiss at this point. Speaking of which, has anyone been watching his other show, High School Reunion? Scandalous!

In other news, it looks like Jesse Csincsak and his lady love Holly Durst have broken up. Could it be because he was at the Playboy Mansion this weekend for a golf tournament? That would DEFINITELY make a girl jealous. Lets hope the two lovebirds work it out.

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