Is the new Bachelorette Jillian Harris even looking for love? Or is she just in it for the fame? ABC has already started the rumor mill and is insinuating that Jillian is not as “real” as she seems.

Will she pull a Deanna, get engaged, and than dump her fiance? Or will she pull a Mesnick, choose one guy, dump him on the final rose ceremony, and hook up with another guy? What other show twists can ABC come up with?

Buddy TV Reports:

OK! Magazine reports that a source hinted on the possibility that Jillian Harris, who finished third on the recently concluded season of The Bachelor, is bent on being a female Jason Mesnick when she starts pitting guys against each other on May

“Everyone who saw Jillian on The Bachelor has the idea that she is a goody-two-shoes,” the source says.  “On the show they will reveal that she’s capable of creating controversy.  The producers would love it if The Bachelorette ends just as dramatically as The Bachelor.”

“You may see her lying to the guys, misleading them about what she’s really looking for.  She may not be a fan favorite by the time she’s down to her final choice, but it’s all about ratings.”

I think they should put one of her “lost loves” on the show. Will fame go to Jillian’s head? After the show, I definitely see Jillian ending up with her own show on HGTV. She should be thanking Melissa for turning down the Bachelorette. A great career opportunity for our girl and maybe she might find love as well.

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Jacy Nova

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