No wonder Melissa Rycroft can afford to quit her job, the celebrities appearing on Dancing With the Stars make BANK. melissaIn new court documents filed over Shawn Johnson’s stalker, TMZ somehow got a copy of the ACTUAL contracts!

Here’s the scoop:

Under the contract, Melissa and the other celebrities receive a guarantee of $125,000 for appearing on the show. By surviving the first elimination, they receive an additional $10,000 a week for weeks 3 and 4.

If Melissa survives the next eliminations, the rate doubles to $20,000 a week, for weeks 5, 6 and 7. For weeks 8 and 9 they score $30,000 a week.

And here’s where it really gets sweet. In weeks 10 and 11, if Melissa or the other celebrities makes it through, they get $50,000 a week.

Total take if Melissa or one of the other celebrities makes it to the final 2 — $365,000. We know Melissa will definitely make it to week 7. So she’s going to net at least $200k for all her hard work. Nothing like cash warming your wallet to mend a broken heart.

Yo go girl. Team Melissa all the way.

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Jacy Nova

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