I guess gossip bloggers are running out of rumors to post about Robert Pattinson. The latest one is that he hates to shower. Supposedly, actors on the set are complaining of his BO, does that mean bad body odor, or babe odor? Maybe it’s the musky cologne our sexy Taurus vampire wears.

E! Online Reports:

We got word from people hotly preparing to work up in Vancouver for New Moon that Rob P. causes quite the commotion on set. No, not from sneaking Kristen Stewart into his trailer. It’s much, much dirtier, folks…

“He stinks. I mean, it’s awful. He never showers, and it drives people on the set crazy,” dishes someone who works in very close quarters with Pattz. Apparently our shaggy-haired love never rinses that bod of his, as Keanu and Brad have famously not done, as well, during extended periods of their hunky lives. Like, ever. And it’s past the point of a little BO. “He completely reeks,” complains an annoyed crew member.

I think that’s hilarious. Hey Rob, maybe if you showered, Kristin Stewart might date you. Or maybe he smells dirty because he has been sneakin Kristin in his trailer. I’m just sayin.

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Jacy Nova

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