AstroChicks is down under on vacation this week. The big news in Australia is Madonna’s recent firing of her Aussie madonnananny. Why did she fire her nanny? I guess she wanted to take a vacation and that’s a big no-no in Madonna’s household. You’re suppose to be on call 24/7 and not have a personal life. Instead, the nanny decided to turn in her one month resignation.

In fact, Angela Jacobsen, the fired nanny, was the sole caretaker for her adopted son David. It’s reported Madonna was furious  when Angela said “see ya” and Madonna told her not to let the door hit her in the bum on the way out.

What was really weird, is the Melbourne Sun has reported Madonna is adopting a second child. Of course Madge is too busy to go find a child herself, supposedly she’s sending an ASSISTANT to pick a child out. If that’s true, she shouldn’t be able to adopt the child period. Send your assistant? WTF???

Our Leo girl must be seriouly bored these days. If she has to have so many nannies, she really shouldn’t be adopting more kids. Especially when the other ones are so much older. Let’s hope it’s just a rumor.

Maybe she should just adopt her 21 year old boyfriend Jesus, she’s old enough to be his mom anyway. Poor Madonna, she must hate getting older.

Written by

Jacy Nova

Jacy Nova is the resident Astrologer and Managing Editor for Born under the zodiac sign of Virgo, she has a Libra Rising and Libra Moon.