JOAQUIN PHOENIX – Crazy in Miami, Attacks Fan in Nightclub???

Has Joaquin Phoenix a mysterious Scorpio,  taken his new rapper career to far? Is he trying to pull an Andy Kaufman or is he just plain nuts? Last night in Miami, Joaquin was scheduled to do a show at 10pm. Better late than never, Phoenix arrived at 2am and SURPRISE the audience wasn’t too impressed.

EW Reports:

Another chapter in Joaquin Phoenix’s car crash of a rap career and/or prank-ish Andy Kaufman-style art project was written last night. While performing at a Miami Beach club the heavily bearded Walk the Line star became upset at an audience member and jumped off the stage. The ensuing mayhem can be witnessed below. Footage was also, once again, captured by Casey Affleck who has been documenting Phoenix’s unlikely new musical career, leading many to conclude that the whole thing is some sort of elaborate practical joke.

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