Sad news today, Jade Goody a UK Reality star has left the hospital, so she may die at home with her loved ones.  Jade  a Gemini girl,  first rocketed to reality stardom on UK’s Big Brother, in 20002. Since that time, she has been gossip fodder for tabloids in Europe for her outspoken personality.

In August 2008, she was diagnosed with cervical cancer and was sadly told it was terminal. With two young sons, she has chosen to sell her story to media to set up a trust fund for her kids. She married her fiance in a touching ceremony last month and now tragically she is slipping away.

Perez Hilton Reports:

Jade, whose cancer has spread to the brain, has already started going blind. She has yet to tell her children she is dying.

Her publicist, Max Clifford, says, “She’s just left, I mean literally half an hour ago. She’s on her way home and she’s in an ambulance with a nurse from the Marsden and Jack went in to see her and basically they’re on their way back to their home in Essex which is obviously something that she was desperately desperately keen to do. The whole point is that she wants to spend as much time as she can with Jack and the boys. Jack’s with her, her mum’s coming over, they’ll be close friends around her because she’s got a lot of very good and very close friends.”

What a brave woman she is. Our thoughts and prayers go out to her family. 🙁

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Jacy Nova

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