Poor Rihanna. I wonder if she will look back ten years from now and ask herself “what was I thinking?” According to the latest Chris Brown and Rihanna saga, she has agreed to record a duet with her man. Brown and his camp are desperately trying to repair the fallout damage from his Grammy weekend meltdown.

Personally, I think Chris Brown should be focused on anger management classes and some serious therapy. It makes him look like an insensitive turd with all this spinning going on. Fans must be getting dizzy.

E! Reports:

In the meantime, while E! had learned that Brown’s brief hiatus from music making ended more than a week ago and that he is currently working in Los Angeles on this upcoming album, Rihanna’s readiness to record again had remained up in the air until this weekend.

Producer Adonis Shropshire said that the 21-year-old Grammy winner was also back in the studio.

“You have to remember, she’s a kid still,” he said. “So with anybody who goes through something in the world, you have to bring yourself out of it…I guess her refuge is her music.”

Rihanna a sweet Pisces girl, is a true romantic at heart. She wants to believe her man is going to get better and hopefully he will. Chris Brown, a stubborn Taurus, is a down to earth guy. Lets hope his ego doesn’t get in the way of getting the help he needs. I wonder what Jay-Z thinks about the duet?

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Jacy Nova

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