It looks Dr. Phil has talked some sense into Octomom, Nadya Suleman. She’s finally agreed to receive help from “Angels in Waiting” who will assist in caring for the babies.

Reuters Reports:

California’s octuplets mom has agreed to allow a foster nursing charity to provide care for her eight newborns and six older children for at least six months, television therapist Dr. Phil McGraw said on Monday.

Under the agreement between the mother, Nadya Suleman, and the philanthropic foundation Angels in Waiting, she and all 14 children will live together in a new home found for the family near her current neighborhood in suburban Los Angeles, a spokeswoman for McGraw said.

Her new pad was purchased by her father for $565k. It’s a 4 bedroom/3 bathroom home and is close to her Mom’s house. Hopefully, the new situation will work out for her. It’s reported a LARGE down payment was made by Nadya herself.

Stay tuned. I bet Dr. Phil will be “checking in” with Nadya on a regular basis.

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Jacy Nova

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