Melissa Rycroft, in her “Dancing With the Stars” debut, smoked the dance floor. I think this girl has a good chance of melissawinning it. ABC milked her appearance by having her appear last. They wanted to make sure all the Bachelor fans watched the entire two hours. I love Melissa, she looked absolutely GORGEOUS in her baby blue gown. She’s definitely a brave girl and so classy.

ABC threw Jason under the bus again, is he the most hated man in America or what? Quite the blabbermouth, he gushed to the media “how happy he was for her.” Can’t he just go away?

MSNBC Reports:

Casting Melissa was frankly brilliant. For ABC, it holds the timeslot audience, it gets even more out of an already-famous incident, and it provides a fill-in who — as a professional cheerleader — can roll with two days of rehearsal time. For Melissa, it’s a chance to have a public image that’s not about being ditched.

And how did she fare? Given that she started on Saturday, she was very good. She’s graceful, she can dance, and she looked … radiant, frankly; thrilled to be thinking about something else. Part of the reason her breakup was so explosive, after all, is that she’s very telegenic and appealing, and her two 8s and a 7 were an excellent showing for an emergency appearance. With her built-in fan base and actual ability, expect Melissa to stay quite a while.

It’s nice that Melissa can spin a negative into a positive.  Another one of my show favorites was Steve-O. He’s actually a pretty good dancer. Even Wee-Man was in the audience to show his support. This should be a fun season.

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