Jason and Molly continue the “Apology Tour” on Bonnie Hunt tomorrow. Hopefully, this will be the last one we see for jason-and-mollyawhile. Those two need to take a serious break and just be a normal couple.

Today, Bonnie Hunt’s publicist sent AstroChicks a sneak peak and Jason and Molly’s interview. Jason whines about the People Magazine interview. I guess he wasn’t happy with the “tagline” featured on the cover. Whatever.

Bonnie Hunt reports:

During the interview, Bonnie asks Jason what the turning point was with Melissa and he explains, “We had spent a bunch of weekends together and spent over a week together at Christmas and all of a sudden…we had so many silences and nothing to talk about…I think we both knew there was something really missing.”

Bonnie turns to Molly and asks her how she handled watching him make out with so many of the women. Molly defends Jason and says, “I consider myself a pretty logical person and I signed up for a show called, ‘The Bachelor’ where there are 25 girls so I would be naive to think he wasn’t going to be kissing other girls or forming relationships with them. I didn’t let it bother me.”

But Molly admits to Bonnie that her parents were very skeptical of Jason when they heard what was going on with Melissa and that, “they had the same questions for Jason that I did.  I needed to understand what happened with Melissa and him and I wanted to make sure that he wasn’t running back to me just because it didn’t work out with Melissa.”

The couple was recently featured on the cover of People magazine with the headline “The Bachelor Betrayal!” and Bonnie asks why it made him feel “sick to his stomach.”  Jason says, “They approached us and they said, ‘We want to do something with you guys’ and I thought that was a cool idea but you have no idea what they are going to write about you.  I think the article is very fair but when they want to sell their magazine and say stuff that I think is very unfair…I just don’t get it.”

Funny, the interview on Bonnie Hunt is the same EXACT interview they gave to Ellen. They sound coached. In positive news, Melissa will be replacing Nancy O’Dell on Dancing With the Stars. Also, Holly who is Hef’s old girlfriend will replace Jewel. Should be fun.

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