Lily Allen, the British singer, is feeling the credit crunch as well. The sexy songtress who has sold millions of records lillyallensays she is broke. Why? The banks are no longer loaning her money against future royalties. That might be a blessing in disguise. It forces you to save money.

iCelebz Reports:

She said: “I’ve been hit big time by the credit crunch. Actually, I just had to sell my car because I’m so broke.”

“I bought a car last year and that was probably my biggest extravagance. I can’t even spend on credit cards. I’m waiting until I get the royalties from the album and all the radio plays but that takes about a year.”

“The banks will usually front your money in that kind of situation but they are not lending at the moment so it’s a tricky time.”Lily is so worried about her financial situation she is even looking into an alternative career as a baker. She added: “I’m really enjoying my life but if it lasts, it lasts, and if it doesn’t I’ll find something else. There’s always a cake shop. I really like baking.”

According to Wikipedia, Lily Allen a Taurus, has “Google News alert” on herself which she reads daily. She noted that “if there’s anyone to sue, I’ll forward it to my lawyer.”

I wonder if she can still afford her lawyer?

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