THE BACHELOR – Molly Defends Jason, Says Its Okay to Be Selfish For Love!!!

As the Bachelor fallout continues, Jason and Molly continue to do damage control. Spin baby spin. Trying to extend their 15 minutes of fame as the “callous couple.” Somebody hire these two a publicist. They keep digging a deeper hole of doodoo for themselves.

In a new interview, Molly tells Ellen it’s okay to be “selfish” if it’s about love. I wonder if she understands the definition of integrity and morals. Personally, I think it’s more about winning for her. Come on, they were competing over some Account Executive. At least on Rock of Love, it’s a real rockstar, Bret Michaels.

The interview with Ellen is very revealing. Jason back pedals on his choice to tell Melissa about Molly on TV. I think he FINALLY realizes what an insensitive turd he was and his halo has been tarnished forever. Molly looked incredibly uncomfortable and the “honeymoon” looks like it might be over. Come on girls, he dumped both of you on national TV. Where is the prize here?

Anyhoo, our Cancer boy Jason is going to have his hands full. What happens after the lights dim and know one cares about their love story anymore? In AstroChicks opinion, the only one who looks classy is Melissa. She turned down the offer for the Bachelorette, reconnected with an old love, and has moved on. I think Jason is going to get his heart broke again. Molly is YOUNG, a party girl, and only 24.

Click here, to check out their interview on Ellen. Ellen grills them both. Very revealing…

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  1. I was really surprised when Molly said it’s OK to be selfish for love. That was really an awful thing to say. So you can totally disregard the wreckage you leave behind. Hey it’s all about me in other words. Unbelievable. Shelfish is the right word for those two. Jason didn’t seem honest to me at all on Ellen. I think he lied about saying that he didn’t contact Molly while engaged to Melissa. He and Molly won’t last another month I predict.

  2. Did you notice last week Jason said (On The View and Kimmel) that Molly “was moving to Seattle next month” and today on Ellen it was more like … ‘we’ll see, we’re taking it slow, maybe down the line Molly will move to Seattle’… I think the bloom is off the rose already….

    Also – Jason was the most honest (today on Ellen) than he has been so far – he basically said he and Melissa had nothing to say to one another.

    I don’t hold out any hope for Jason and Molly – none.

  3. Did anyone hear the comment Molly’d comments about Texas in the diary of the departed on abc’s site? She said that Melissa would never work for Jason that she hadn’t had much life experience, to quote “she’s never been out of the state of Texas for gods sake”. Well, for one thing, Molly who is showing her yankee attitude, if you’d ever been to Texas she’d know why no one needs to leave to have lots of life experiences. I say, know what you’re talking about before you make such a rude comment about your fellow Americans in the Lone stat state. Better yet, stay above the Mason Dixon line, we don’t need your kind down here!

  4. Jason is such a douche at least the world is finally starting to figure it out. The Bachelor Sucks

  5. I did not like eiter on of them. He said that she was a different person after the show will DUH!!!! it is a show why would she be herself

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