Wow, former Bachelor star, Andrew Firestone a Cancer boy, has some choice words for Jason Mesnick. He told US Magazine that basically he thought Jason was a fake, cry baby, shady, and a total ass for what he did Melissa. Tell us what you really think Andrew.

US Magazine Reports:

“Don’t drag the poor girl on national TV,” he tells Us. “I think the main thing, you’ve got to act like a gentleman.”

The 33-year-old, who is now expecting his first child with wife Ivana, doesn’t fall for what he calls Mesnick’s “aw shucks, poor me” attitude.

“I think it’s a front — him crying. I think it’s so much more calculated,” Firestone says. “But he always tried to be the guy next door. I don’t even know what his motivation was, whether it’s being on TV or whatever it is.”

Instead, Firestone says Mesnick “was acting like an ass” during the finale and After the Rose special.

“I thought it was super shady that Jason has one girl on and then he did the squirmy, puppy dog kind of thing,” Firestone says. “Melissa goes walking off and then the other girl comes on, and he’s sheepish and making out with her. Come on.

“He keeps saying, ‘Oh, nobody knows what it’s like,’ but … nobody would put themselves in those shoes. Those are shoes that nobody wants to wear. He can keep saying, ‘Oh, you’re not in my shoes.’ Well there’s a reason for that, because I choose not to put those shoes on.”

Still, the former rose-giver wishes him the best of luck.

“I hope that Jason and that other girl are truly happy and all that other stuff,” he tells Us. “This might sound malicious but what a stupid thing to do. It’s kind of a little depressing. This guy’s a father, and you’d think he’d be kind of a stand-up guy. He does the whole thing, I certainly would never coach my son to be anything less than a gentleman. Just act like a gentleman!”

Amen! I totally agree with you Andrew. Team Melissa all the way! Don’t forget to read your daily horoscopes!

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Jacy Nova

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