In shocking news today, AstroChicks  favorite funnyman Robin Williams is having open heart surgery. Robin robin_williams1complained of chest pains and was rushed to the hospital. He was preparing for his sold out one man comic tour.

EW Reports:

Oscar-winner Robin Williams will have heart surgery to replace an aortic valve, CNN reports. The news comes after the 57-year-old actor-comedian was forced to suspend an 80-city tour of his one-man show, Weapons of Self-Destruction, after concerns over shortness of breath prompted him to check into a hospital. It’s not known yet when the surgery will take place. In a statement, Williams says: “I’m so touched by everyone’s support and well wishes…. This tour has been amazing fun and I can’t wait to get back out on the road after a little tune-up.”

Always a bright and positive soul, Robin the sweet Cancer guy is in Miama, at an intensive care unit. Only 57 years old, the Oscar winning actor recently went through a painful divorce. He is currently a member of the Episcopal Church. Williams has described his denomination as “Catholic Lite—same rituals, half the guilt.”

We wish him a speedy recovery. We love ya Robin!!!

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Jacy Nova

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