I love Bret Michaels, not only he is a rockstar, he is a gentleman. It looks like Mr. Rock of Love himself was NOT impressed with Jason’s break-up etiquette. He threw Jason under the Rock of Love Bus and gave him a few pearls of wisdom.

FORT Reports:

The Bachelor‘s fellow reality dating star, Bret Michaels, has a few words of advice for the most-hated man in America. “He definitely better hide his car because it’s about to get keyed,” said the Rock of Love star.

And while burns suffered in front of the camera sting the worst, they’re usually for the best, the Poison front-man believes. “In a sick way, I think he did Melissa a favor,” said Michaels. “It’s better to know now than after ten years of a phony marriage. If someone isn’t into me, I want them to tell me. I don’t want to come home to find them trying to get the milkman out of the house before I get back.”

While fans can’t seem to wrap their heads around why Mesnick got down on one knee when he wasn’t completely sold, Micheals can attest that the final decision isn’t grueling.

Though Michaels feels Mesnick deserves credit for coming clean, he also believes that the Bachelor could stand to learn some break-up etiquette.

“[Jason] went about it wrong way. I would have done it completely privately – and my show is only about dating. She thought she was getting married!” said Michaels. “I think he owes her a heart-felt apology.”

Listen and learn Jason.

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