Now that the hoopla of the Bachelor final rose ceremony is over, Jason has FINALLY admitted he DID speak with Molly when he returned from New Zealand.  Liar liar pants on fire Jason. In a new interview, he spilled the beans with his local Seattle newspaper.

Did you two maintain contact while Jason was with Melissa? E-mail, text, IM, visits?

Mesnick: I had gotten permission when I got back from New Zealand to make sure she was OK.

Malaney: It was a very short conversation. I was not well. I just told him, I’m not upset. I’m not mad. I understand you had to make a decision.

In my experience, emotional affairs can be more dangerous than an actual physical one.  People buy into the fantasy of the new lover,  they become disenchanted with the other person, and wreak havoc in their personal life. I wonder if that’s what happened with Jason and Melissa? It would explain why the “chemistry” disappeared. Plus, he didn’t have 25 hotties fighting over some crappy rose.

Molly who is the total alpha female, took control of the situation. Whenever she’s interviewed, I feel like I’m watching an episode of Survivor or the Amazing Race. She’s constantly “selling us” and feeding Jason the right answers.

It sounds like Molly pursued Jason, “challenged him” and he caved in. Hopefully, after all the emotional damage they have caused these two will at least make it. Ty deserves to have a happy family life.

I still think Jason is a douchebag for breaking Melissa’s heart. We love ya girl

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Jacy Nova

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