In a new interview, a major pop icon admitted that Britney’s music makes them horny. Really? Which song? madonnaWomanizer? Of course it was 50 year old Madge, who has her own 22 year old toy boy Jesus. Gross!  According to another gossip rag, she was getting her groove on this week at a gay bar in NYC.

Socialite Life Reports:

At The Ritz, a gay bar in Hell’s Kitchen in NYC, Madonna was at a birthday soiree on Monday for her trainer Tracy Anderson. The party was going well, but was fairly uneventful…that it, until some Britney Spears song started playing. That’s when Madge decided to mouth rape her little piece of man meat.

According to a spy who dished to Page Six, “[Madonna] flipped out, stormed upstairs, and spent the rest of the night aggressively making out with Jesus [Luz].”

That is awesome. Later on, they left the party by exiting discreetly out the back door and were whisked home in an SUV, where they assuredly engaged in sexual acts that involved Jesus being whacked repeatedly about the head and shoulders with a giant, pink hammer.

Is it just me, or has Madonna overdosed on Botox? She’s starting to look Asian, or like the plastic surgery freak the Cat Woman. What the hell? Her face looks strange.

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Jacy Nova

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