THE BACHELOR – Sleazy in Seattle: Will Jason and Molly Get Engaged on AFTRC 2???

In another episode of “Sleazy in Seattle,” according to sources, in the most “Shocking Bachelor” moment, our fickle Cancer boy Jason, will get down on bended knee on AFTRC 2. Will he ask Molly to marry him? I hope not. What does that make, THREE marriage proposals in one year? Maybe Jason and Molly should move to Utah, or join the cast of “Big Love” on HBO.  Bill Paxton can give him advice on how to handle multiple wives.

I’m sorry, this just seems so insincere, so silly, and so wrong. Molly is a young girl, she’s only 24, and I seriously seriously doubt this relationship will last. Jason is divorced and has already asked three women to marry him. In the real world, most women would run screaming in the other direction.

Jason seemed so smug on Jimmy Kimmel. I just wanted to reach through the TV set and slap him. Jimmy asked a good question, why ask either chick to get married. Wait he said, date for awhile.

I think Jason is an insensitive turd, explaining himself about “what happened.” BLAH, BLAH, BLAH. Jason actually thinks Melissa and him will be friends someday. CRAZY TRAIN!!! He’s going to help single parents??? Please. Yes, it’s your life but you are responsible for hurting Melissa’s feelings. If you would have kept Molly, would you have dumped her and asked Melissa to take you back? Very weird.

I seriously hope ABC isn’t thinking about airing this wedding. Heck, maybe Melissa will even get to be a bridesmaid. I love Jimmy, he really gave him a hard time. Go home Jason, bring on Jillian.

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  1. I fell for J’s song & dance of poor pitiful me, walked out on, dumped and raising my son who is always first. On the AFTRC Mon. he did not mention Ty one time….well little Ty has seen too many swinging doors. There was instant chemistry between Ty & Melissa as compared to Molly, it had to be coerced a little so it seemed. Jason is thinking with the wrong head & in lust with Molly, she knew what she was doing…”I’m a good kisser” & put it on him at the start & the famous tent night? she couldn’t wait to tell the girls and insinuate the deed the following morning, J’s clothes only added to her plan…didn’t you see all their faces? That is when my opinion of her changed. A sincere gracious lady would never behave this way, ie: Stephanie. Mol knew the last night she had to go out with a bang! Mol, I hope your assets never fade if they do I pity you what will you rely on then…Daddy’s money? My hubby pointed out the flirty, preppy, country club snob & told me Jason was the same and that’s who J would pick. I didn’t see it then but he was right. From the start I was a Melissa, Jillian & Stephanie fan. Tonight’s AFTRC part 2 Jason admitted Mel was a stand by & love your man girl. Which showed me Jason needed action on the side. I will always believe he & Molly talked all along, just enough to keep the motor running…sure hope it doesn’t stall. Like Mel I don’t buy the can’t talk routine because of the contract. Jason changed…

  2. Jason should be banned from tv. He is a media whore who only cares for what he can get from a girl. We will never watch Bachelor again after his public disregard for Melissa!
    We had to change the chanel. We can’t even look at him.

  3. I am a frequent visitor to your website and always come to it for the latest and juiciest info regarding my favorite celebrities, tv shows, etc. It is no surprise I am a huge fan of watching the many seasons of the Bachelor and this seasons well I was floored at the outcome. So after much searching for information today on the web I came across Jason Mesnick’s myspace page and low and behold in the comments area were actual emails that had been hacked and exchanged between Jason & Melissa after the taping of ” after the final rose ” and I was shocked! I wanted to send you this so that you could post it up on your site to share with otehr fans like me who always want to know more after the shows air! Here is a link to the site I found that posted up the emails! are they real?!?!?

  4. I dont understand what all of you are saying. Are you listening to yourselves? He obviously got caught up in the moment….for gods sake its reality TV. He had a change of heart….so what! At least he didnt lead her down the aisle and tell her 2 years and a kid later! He realized he made a mistake….he acted upon it and now he is where he is. Give the guy a break. Let me tell you…if you are a woman stupid enough to get engaged with a man that had been very intimate with “several” other women within weeks of the “big question” I think you should be big enough to handle whatever is thrown at you. To feel sorry for Melissa is crazy…she knew what she signed up for. It obviously went a little too far…but thats life deal with it.

  5. disgusted, I guess it is okay to break a heart so long as it isn’t Jason’s. Will never watch the show again, who cares how Molly and Jason are doing now I just want the to disappear. Please Ellen, don’t have them on your show. Melissa, you are so much better than this show or Jason and Molly. You will be a success and they will be pathetic and loathed.

  6. What a crock! Too bad Jason didn’t pick Megan then change his mind. We would have seen a Jerry Springer moment. If this wasn’t a set up on the part of ABC, then shame on Jason for not keeping Melissa’s heart break private. Normally this type of fickled behavior is observed in pre-teen girls.

  7. ABC, You did the “impartable sin”..AFTRC was horrible. America loved Melissa. I for one will N-E-V-E-R watch this show again. You went tooooo far. Contract or no contract, these are real people and emotions. Someone got hurt last night, and I am not going to see anyone else walk into the sunset and get hurt again. Shame on you ABC.

  8. ABC shot themselves in the foot with this one. Dump the sweet, adorable young woman we all grew to love for the hyper competitive uber bitch on national TV and expect to come back for more? ABC just boosted the ratings of every other show in that time slot. Sorry Jillian, love ya kid, but will not be watching! And, uh, Jason, what you smell like is not even remotely like a rose. Putrid.

  9. I have never been so disgusted at a TV show before! What a scumbag. And to think he is raising a child who is a boy. Thats just great, another child being raised to emotionally abuse women, juggle women and shown by his father it is OK to do. He disgusts me. Hes not even cute with his big head and ugly suit. Melissa can do WAY better. Shes awesome. Who would want a man that cries like a sissy every second of the day anyways? Blah, Jason you ruined the show for everyone.

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