THE BACHELOR – New Interview: Was Jesse Shocked by Jasons Decision and Deannas Visit to New Zealand???

Jesse our favorite Bachelor, watched the grand finale last night with Extra TV. In his interview, he says he’s  interested to find out WHY Deanna paid Jason a visit in New Zealand. He confessed he still has a soft spot for Deanna.  I wonder if he was shocked when she asked Jason back? It’s like breaking a persons heart twice.

Fortunately, Jesse has bounced back with his new girl Holly Durst. In his interview, Jesse did mention he was surprised by Jason’s decision to dump Melissa on TV. Yes and 17 million other Bachelor fans.

In Jason’s defense, he posted a supportive comment for Jason, Molly, and Melissa.

Here is what he said.

Being on the show is a huge experience that only the people who go on it can even imagine… It is very easy to judge the contestants and say ohhh well I would have done it like this.. Just remember that every season the contestants go on this show to fall in love and every year they do exactly that… This year Jason fell in love with Melissa and then they broke up and now he is dating Molly..  That to me is exactly what happened with Me DeAnna and Holly Durst except mine happened off Camera… My relationship with DeAnna didnt work out and now I am dating another Bachelor cast member HOLLY DURST..  Everyone is soo quick to judge the situation because it happened on camera but remember the people on this show are bound by an IRON CLAD 5 million dollar breach of contract penalty to do certain things on camera ( LIKE BREAK UP ).. So before you judge someone for going on TV and putting themselves out there just remember there are always things that you might not know that effect the situation…I wish Jason, Ty and Molly the best….. And I am sure a great girl like Melissa will find love again…

Just my thoughts…


I like Jesse, he always takes the high road. Unfortunately for us girls, we are less forgiving of Jason. Hopefully, Melissa will find a great guy soon.

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  1. I am not judging you, I am just standing by how I feel. I am not condoning what Jason did at all and I certainly didn’t want Melissa to get hurt. She was my choice for him from early on and it never waviered. I am not 100% crazy for Molly either. I just don’t see Jason as a scumbag as everyone else does.

  2. That’s funny. Two Virgos judging each other. I hope Jason and Molly find happiness. I don’t agree with how he broke up with Melissa. Fleiss and Chris Harrison threw him under the bus and said he “didn’t” have to break up on air. Who knows?

    I hope Melissa will be ok, she turned down the Bachelorette. Lets hope Jillian finds real love.

  3. The whole franchise is just cheesy. Jason couldn’t decide who he wanted and if he was that distraught and confused he, of all people, shouldn’t have proposed – or did ABC force him to do that too?

    I’m not sure I am buying Jesse as the best source. For DeAnna to have been the first woman he ever fell in love with (didn’t he live with another woman for 2 years?), it didn’t take him but a week to be seen with Holly and she was out to see him the next week. He posted tons of pictures. It just seems odd that she would be so willing to jump into a relationship with a guy who’d been sobbing all over TV about some other woman a couple of weeks before. I wonder if they were texting up a storm under DeAnna’s nose. BTW, DeAnna is the one who introduced Holly to Jesse.

    Also, DeAnna went to NZ a few weeks after the breakup and probably after seeing pics of Holly on Jesse’s website. While I think the edit of her conversation was meant to mislead people into thinking that she was asking for another chance with Jason, I can see why she might want to get a jab in at someone who’d moved on so fast. Also, DeAnna said in her live chat and on her MySpace that she in no way went to NZ to get Jason back. I don’t think she ever wanted him in the first place.

  4. I’m a Virgo, that’s what we do…judge. 🙂 Jason deserves to be happy, that’s fine. He DID NOT have to humiliate Melissa on TV. I hate the way she was thrown under the bus.

    With that said, I HATE the way Deanna treated Jesse. Also, she went to NZ to ask for Jason back.

    Jason has never seen so much tail in his life. Molly will get bored of him. As soon as the cameras go away.

  5. Thank God someone echos my feelings. Jesse has inside experience and he has the sense to state it out loud where all of the haters can read it and hopefully cut Jason some slack. I would be in agreement with all of you out there who are angry at Jason except for the fact that I see a genuine man who thought it was the real thing with Melissa then as time went on, realized it just wasnt there. He has found someone whom he loves and I am happy for him. Jesse, yes he took the high road and you(the person who wrote the article) shouldn’t be so quick to judge.

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