THE BACHELOR – Fan Backlash: Trista Sutter and Andy Baldwin Speak Out About the Melissa and Jason TV Break Up!

Wow, this season definitely has people talking. Even a couple of former Bachelor and Bachelorettes are speaking out about the very public break up of “Melissa and Jason.”

I Heart Music Says:

Andy Baldwin (season 10 Bachelor) wrote on his Facebook page: “Andy is glad when he was the Bach. He was a man and didn’t sell his soul and cave. Such a sellout” and later wrote: “You do NOT break up on national television. That is the opposite of a gentleman.”

Trista Sutter, the successful reality star (she and husband Ryan are expecting their second child), told “How could you go from being engaged to someone, to kissing someone else on the couch?!He doesn’t deserve to walk away scot-free. What disappointed me as a mom is that he introduced both girls to Ty. Melissa was around, and now she’s gone. What is Ty going to think?”

Sutter also revealed that she sent Melissa a text message saying, “‘I’m proud of the way you handled it.'”

But Sutter wasn’t finished with her say.

“She deserves so much better! Melissa hasn’t been able to say anything about this until now, so I think she’s relieved. I am happy she can finally move on. As far as I’m concerned, this is a blessing in disguise. Now she can find someone who truly loves her.”

She also warned Malaney, that with Mesnick’s “fickle” track record, “How can you trust him?”

I totally agree, how can you trust this guy? How can he trust himself? Also, what about his kid? If I was his ex wife I would be mad…I guess Molly has him by the balls, she probably made him do it publicly, just like it was done to her on the Final Rose ceremony. He had to “prove” his love. YUCK!!!

On a side note, Andy and Melissa would make a cute couple. We need to find her a nice man.

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  1. To all those people who blame and hate Jason,
    It takes two to break-up a relationship, so, why are people blaming only Jason?!He signed a contract and was obligated to make his life public. Jason has the right to choose the woman that he will spend of his life and his son’s life with her. If Melissa was able to get over Jason fat and get a new boyfriend, then, why the media and the people cannot get over it and leave both of them alone! Besides it is their lives and their business, and not anyone else’s business, including Trista Sutter and Andy Baldwin since nobody judge them, therefore, they have no right to judge Jason or anyone else. People should blame the ABC Network for allowing tacky and insensitive matter such as the break-up with Melissa to be aired out of desperation for ratings at the cost of two nice people’s private lives! Also, blame “The Bachelor” producers for making Jason the bad guy for dumping Melissa on National television, which was very tacky, corny, cheesy, unclassy, vicious, ridiculous, unbelievable, manipulative, hurtful, and disgusting! I believe that Jason and Melissa both deserve better treatment from ABC and “The Bachelor” producers. To make matter worse, ABC is abusing Melissa even more by working her like a dog on “Dancing with the Stars” causing her body much pain and bruising to the point of being absent for not being able to dance. To add insult to injury,” the juggles on the show gave her 23/30 points based on her rehearsal and not based on her final performance since she was absent. It was tacky and unfair of the judges to punish her for something Melissa had no control over! The worst part, is when the judges placed her from being #1 to #5, which is the bottom of the list. Shame on you judges of “Dancing with the Stars,” the producers of “The Bachelor” reality show, and ABC Network!!!

    Claudette Diek

  2. Jason is a spineless wimp. He could have broken up with Melissa OFF CAMERA if he truly felt like his heart had changed! She should have slapped him silly! And then that sorry excuse had the nerve to swap spit with Molly right after he broke up with Melissa! That is wrong whether you are a man or a woman!

  3. Trista and her holier than thou attitude is ridiculous. So she got lucky the first time and lived happily ever after, great. But as you can see from Bachelor history, it doesn’t always work out that way. She is not as understanding as all that. Even Evangeline LIly on Jimmy Kimmel LIve pissed me off when she said “You don’t do that to women”. That’s true but really no body should do that to any one, man or woman. BUt it happens and when it does it’s not about that. I think some people are stupid becasue they don’t look at the whole picture and Jason did not mean to hurt her.

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