THE BACHELOR – Worst Season Ever, Jerky Jason Ends Engagement With Melissa on TV!!!

Is Jason crazy? Is this guy for real? What a creepy, selfish, turd. He gets to take all the girls for a test drive. He spent all the holidays with Melissa, trips, etc. He overdosed on a sugar high, he tells Melissa at “the moment,” he felt she was the right one. Now, he is going to break up with her on national television and throw her under the bus. Did Molly know?

This is RIDICULOUS. He says he fell in love with Melissa, gives it six weeks, gets bored, and decides to trade her in for Molly. How does he know it’s going to be any different with Molly?

Come on Chris, he’s a good guy? He breaks up with Melissa in front of 20 million people? Afterward, the poor girl is hustled off into a limo, goodbye. No family or friends to give her a big hug. Jason turns around five minutes later and says hey Molly lets go for it. What are we in high school? LOW CLASS!!!

BSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!! He tells Chris first before he tells Melissa. Chris looked more upset than Jason. Where do they find these contestants? In a tool shed??? Not only did he take the “engagement moment” away from Melissa, he humiliates her on national TV. Could you imagine if some guy did that to you?

Melissa deserves so much better. I can’t believe they allowed this to happen on national TV. Jason is MORE Hollywood than Deanna.  I give Molly and Jason a couple of months. He will be bored again, or Molly will find some other guy and it will be over. This season was really really disgusting. Why break up with her on national TV??? ABC goes to a new low. UGH!!!

The classic line, “it’s not you it’s me.” Jason made another weird comment, I don’t want to be “insincere” but Molly will you take me back. Can this guy breathe for five minutes before he hooks up again? I thought it was in REALLY REALLY poor taste to dump Melissa and immediately make out with Molly. As they are “romantically reunited.”

Molly and Jason totally deserve each other. Big hug for Melissa, poor girl. There is nothing wrong with you Melissa, you unfortunately attract jerks. You deserve better.  A wonderful guy is just around the corner for you.


Posted by Jacy Nova

Jacy Nova is the resident Astrologer and Managing Editor for Born under the zodiac sign of Virgo, she has a Libra Rising and Libra Moon.


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  1. The guy is a skeeze. Melissa is too classy for him.

    I never liked Molly, so I guess I feel she got what she deserved.

  2. This is television folks, what else do you expect? On top of that, they are trying to manufacture a courtship and love in such a short period of time (6-7 weeks).

    Love is such a tricky thing, because once you put yourself out there to experience it, you have to kind of go along for the ride. You can’t give it directions, you can’t lead it, it takes you wherever it goes. You also have to accept the fact that you might get hurt, or else you will never fully experience it.

    That is what happened here. Jason loved Melissa and Molly and was forced into making a really quick decision about which one he might have real feelings for. He didn’t lie to Melissa and he was going to break somebody’s heart at that moment either way. We have to remember, he has to decide from 25 women at the start(really maybe 3 or 4), but these women only have to concentrate on one person and that is Jason, so their feelings don’t get confused, only his.

    None of these people really know how they will be with each other once they get away from the show and get to be only with each other once the competition is over and life begins. In this case, once that happened, Jason was able to really see how he felt for Melissa, without any other women and dates to confuse him. But he could not get Molly out of his mind (nor his heart)through the entire time.

    I applaud Jason for going with his heart and not ignoring it. He has already been through a divorce in his life, and he should not have to put himself (and especially Ty) through a long drawn out process when his heart is not there anymore. Life is too short to keep a hold of things that just aren’t working.

    At least he was able to see, sooner than most, that it was not going to work out with Melissa. I feel bad for Melissa, and obviously ABC gets to cash in on this moment, but this does not make Jason a jerk. In fact, I think it makes him more real and somebody that is at least honest with himself.

    Sorry, that many of you feel that he is a jerk, but the heart doesn’t lie. Maybe things will not work out with Molly in the end either, but at least he will get a chance to figure that out.

  3. I totally agree with you. I have been watching all of the deanna season and now Jason’s season, and you would think after what he experienced with Deanna that he would have some compassion for Melissa. How could you immediately jump into it with Molly. He should have contacted Molly privately, expressed his love to her, and then told her that they need to wait a few months out of respect to Melissa. I have definitely lost respect for Jason. He showed no class at all and instead treated Melissa like a bitch.

  4. This is what folks get for letting a child or a puppy be the gauge for whether a guy is a good person. Jason’s single father status, like he is the only one in the universe, was his sympathy card all last season and this season as well. That does not mean that he is not a PIG. In fact, it’s probably the reason why he is a single father in the first place.

    Notice, he got rid of all of the mature women who might actually be ready/suitable for a relationship. He picked the young ones who might not yet realize what a LOSER he really is. The former Mrs. Mesnick should be sitting pretty now. She left for a reason.

  5. I absuletely despise Jason. Im disgusted by him, I actually started to watch the bachelor again after boycotting it probably back w/ Krista’s epsiode., becuase of him. He’s a snake and to think that he acutally might be sincere and beat the odds. he should not have done that on live Tv and she should of kept the ring, Im sure he didn’t pay for it. And molly and his relationship seemed so fabricated, I cant stand him.

  6. Honestly I feel sorry for Melissa. Not only is it a slap in her face to have an engagement broken off, but to have it done on T.V in front of millions of people after we just say minutes before how happy she was! This makes me sick.. All this just because the bachelor wanted more ratings! It was planned of course if tons of people knew and had spoilers out prior to the show! Melissa does deserve better!! she seems like a great person.. When she called him a bastard last night i knew she was going to be fine! I wish her nothing but the best!
    Now as far as Molly goes… Come on now HONESTLY!?!?!? How can you choose to get back with someone once they already told you, you weren’t the one for them!? She must not have any self respect, or who knows maybe she deep down cares about Jason? I just think its kinda low of her to not even think he you know you just crushed Melissa two minutes ago now hes all about trying to take Molly out? If it were me I wouldnt go back to the jerk! MOLLY HE MADE YOU LOOK SO DUMB ON T.V…
    As for Jason, he’s a pig and made himself come across as such a great guy! PSSSSHHHHHH well we all found out the truth about him really fast! The best part for me from the after the rose, was when he said what would I say to Ty if he was in this situation? Come on like hes gonna say don’t even try to work it out, just pick the other girl! HAHA Great parenting advice!

  7. You know, it is fascinating to watch how girls react to this situation. Women do this kind of thing all the time. Every day. Several times a day. Now some guy does the exact same thing and you get all uppity about it. It’s hysterical. I do agree that Jason looks like a flake. However, it is immensely satisfying to see him pull a “chick trick” on a woman. And it just leaves me rolling on the floor to see women so up in arms about it! You are all angry at something each of you does every day. When was the last time you saw a guy mad about being treated this way? And if you did, you no doubt pointed fingers and called him names. Turnabout is fair play, ladies. Deal with it!

  8. Amen Astrochick – I couldn’t agree more.

    Melissa is a sweetheart and deserves better.

    Molly has apparantly NO JUDGEMENT – as she’s kissing a guy who 20 minutes earlier had an engagement ring on another girls finger! Wasn’t it obvious by Molly’s questions that Jason slept with her the night before he proposed to Melissa? She kept saying how they were “together” HOURS before the proposal.

    The whole thing seemed strange – parts of it seemed a little forced and scripted. However – I do think Melissa’s and Jason’s crying was for real. I think he really is a tool who has NO self-awareness at all.

    By the way – if he PROPOSES on the “After the Final Rose #2” that is on Tuesday night – that will make 3 marriage proposals in the last 8 months alone (not counting #4 with his wife). NUTS!!!!!!!!! I’ll bet it will happen too – otherwise why have yet another after-the-rose show….

    What’s Molly’s sign? Are they compatible? Why am I asking? This will never work!

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