THE BACHELOR – AFTRC Jason and Molly, the Web of Lies and Deceit!!!

Tonight, the Bachelor has sunk to a new low. If I want to watch Jerry Springer, I will stay home from work. WTF? What about Jason Mesnick? Just like Bon Jovi says, “You Give Love a Bad Name.” Why did he have to dump her on national TV? Why not in person, on the phone, in the green room, give me a break. ABC do you REALLY need ratings that bad? How much did the sponsors pay you for this vomit fest???
As far as I am concerned, Deanna is a redeemed women, Pay her a million dollars for dumping that loser. Yes, of course, we all have the right to change our mind but do you have to do it on national TV? Molly, what are you thinking?  How many TAKEN men do you have to steal? As they say, karma is a bitch, and I have a feeling Jason and Molly are in the top ten. Seriously.
I don’t know, I like to watch the Bachelor because there is SOME romance. A possible fairy tale ending. Tonight, some dorky Account Executive gets to date 25 women who would NEVER give him the time of the day in the real world. Come on girls, are we that desperate?
In the end, I feel bad for Melissa. Girl, you’re pretty, fun, friendly, and a DALLAS COWBOY CHEERLEADER! Don’t let this wuss get you down. Prince Charming is just around the corner and you are a WONDERFUL girl. Jason and Molly, you deserve each other. YUCK!!! What a crappy crappy end to a season. 
Jason is a complete tool. ABC is DREAMING, it they think anyone cares if Molly and Jason get married. YAWN!!! Bring on Jillian for Bachelorette!!!

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  1. I agree with Jess. Why did he wait until he was on national TV to break it off with Melissa? Had he had any respect for her, he would have done it in private. Instead, he was an insensitive jerk. Then, turned around and practically proposed to Molly. The man is a crybaby with no respect for women! The one I really feel sorry for is his son!

  2. EXCUSE ME?!!! ABC does care if they get married. In fact I’ll be soooo happy for them. Molly and Jason are the best couple ever. They will make it to the end. Just watch and see. And please stop judging Jason for what he did. He followed his heart. Stop being so cruel. And whoever is writing these articles, go get a life!!!! Molly is pretty, nice, and mature not like Melissa on the other hand. She is a FAKE!! Who would want a wife and a mom who’s a cheerleader? CRAZYYY!! I wish Molly & Jason the BEST! melissa you’r full of BS!

  3. I would marry Melissa in a heart beat. There is something wrong with that guy. It’s hard to find a girl as pretty and easy to get along with as Melissa. In a few weeks she’ll relize he was a balding old man with a kid and she is a beautiful young girl who can get any real guy in a heart beat. I just feel like that asshole Jason set us guys back years for doing something as foolish as this. It just plays into the whole “The grass is greener on the other side mindset. I still don’t know why girls like Melissa have to go onto The Bachelor to find a guy. Am I the last guy on Earth who can sympathise with how men treat women?

  4. That Jason is a confused asshole what a typical prick. I feel it was messy how he did it on national TV, if he wasn’t 100% sure about Melissa why did he pick her? To only break her heart after 6 weeks, that punk has no class he deserve to be by himself in order to find himself, I orginally wanted Molly for him but now I hope she decides to leave him fast because who’s to say that weirdo wont dump her after 8 weeks. That bastard is probably insecure because he has a tiny penis and Melissa got tired of faking it and he knew it thats why he left, keep is real JASON MESSYDICK.

  5. He deserves it because he is a man with a child who has a good pool of women to date in Seattle. He applies for the bachelor before the ink is dry on his divorce. I also heard he applied for survivor. Had they not milked the single dad thing, this may have been okay but he made it like he was looking for a mother – not a piece of tail ….

  6. Maybe Jason deserves to have no regrets, but the way it was done was in complete poor taste and Melissa is a down-to-earth great person who deserves more from him and especially the network. I’m an avid “bachelor/bachelorette” watcher, but I’m soo disgusted w/ how Melissa was treated by the network (they should never have had Molly on right after Melissa), that I’m pretty much thru w/ this one. Follow your heart, but don’t wrong a wonderful person in the process.

    I like Jillian too, but Melissa deserves to be the next “bachelorette”. That one I might watch!

  7. Jason did the RIGHT THING, you people are blind and see only what you want to see. Look beyond that and you may just see that Jason is a good guy. Body language, his character, and the way he treated everyone, was obvious to me that he is a kind hearted person who made a mistake when he picked Melissa. When u sign a contract to be on a show, your every move is owned by them. They control everything, they want everything on the air for drama and ratings. Jason got caught up in all of this while his real life was unfolding. NOw he has a lot of haters and he does not deserve it.

  8. To Christie W. people are voicing their opinions. Maybe some are judging, but I leave judgement up to our Lord and Savior. Actually, a child of God should not be watching this mess, but I got caught up in it and have repented because it is all played out by minupulation and who can be the sexest and who can give him sex first, and then they have the nerve to grin and say “we just held each other and talked” I heard not talk in the tent but a lot of noices so that was actually the it is only my opinion but I fell Molly beat every other girl to the first sex and therefore something for Jason to get in hs head and from then on it was Molly. If I am wrong, I apologize, but it was some disconcerning of the spirit that I personally felt. Not to say any other girl did not and not to say Molly was the only one but I believe the first based on the way the show played it out and the looks. I am in no way perfect and am in the word every day and have stopped watching a lot of TV unless it is about the word. I want to learn more and more because the world is going to allow Satan to take over as the bible speaks of and it is sure starting. I do not like the way that Melissa was dumped, I do not like the way Molly acted like she did not know and I caught Melissa state to Jason have you talked to Molly and he said no and I think that was a lie. Jason always talks about the way his son comes first and the things he will say to him about all the “beautiful” women, but I believe all Jason was looking for was sex and what he thought was the best sex and he knew that Melissa had that and all the mother qualities that Ty needed in a mother. I also agree with Tammy on March 3m, 2009 at 7:36 AM comment which I had decided last night, I will not watch this battle of the sex and see who kisses the best, etc again. Now I know this will most likeley draw some attention, but I do not care becase the Lord is the Head of my life and the word directs us to wait on sex until after marriage if we want the fantanic marraige ever. Do it God’s way. I had to make Him head of my life and after a divorce, I have abstained. The lady with the daughter, I believe Stephanie, she showed class, she showed being what amother is all about, and just maybe she did not give Jason the sex so he could compare. But, she will get the best guy in the end and her daughter will have the best dad in the end and Melissa, don’t wonder why, and why four times because people reap what they sow and it is to make you stronger because God has someone that will be your miricle man and will treat you the way you should be treated. Jason does not have a clue how to treat a woman. Hang on Melissa, the best is yet to come. (I may have mispelled words because I have typed fast and from the spirit – so please excuse). To all who read this, I wish you love and peace and joy in the Lord Jesus Christ.

  9. it is really sad jason ended things w melissa on tv he could have been more sensitive about it. Then he goes from ending an engagement to melissa making out w molly in a matter of minutes. He tried 2 come off as a nice guy but hes an insensitive jerk who doesn’t deserve love. Melissa didn’t deserve that. Hes coldhearted!

  10. I agree! This was my last season of Bachelor too. ABC went too far this time. I’m done!!!

  11. Thou Shalt Not Judge…U people who want to judge and bash another human being amaze me with ur judgemental unempathetic ways…Grow Up!!! In the end, We are all HUMAN BEINGS and U have no place to judge after all NO ONE MADE U GOD!!! And if u had followed the show into the After the Final Rose, He Had 2 Do It On National Television as part of his contract…Best Wishes 2 Molly and Jason…May the Lord Lead You Both Down the Proper Path Befitting to What Is Destined 2 B…Love Is A Funny Thing and I See No Fault In Following Your Heart!!!

  12. I think that Molly and Jason were talking well before the show last night. They were probably talking the entire time and Melissa didn’t have a chance because Molly was on his ass everyday, because she didn’t want to loose. I hate her!

    I say Melissa for the next Bachlorette!

  13. Come on… I actually think he made an honest mistake. No one seems to want to talk about the fact that..poor Melissa plays the pity card over and over.. She has been dumped 4 times..well doesn’t anyone want to ask why is that? I think Jason is being the bigger person by not actually saying that she was completely different when they were alone and divulging the details. I am sure he can elaborate on that. When Melissa came out on the stage and started “acting”..Jason said this is not you.. Exactly…for the cameras it was poor me and behind closed doors it was a different situation. She plays her pity card and everyone in America believes her..forgetting that Jason actually had real time with her.. Come on guys/girls..ever dated someone and then found out that weren’t who they pretended to be!
    I respect the fact that he dumped her..and admitted he made a mistake.

    Again…ask yourself..why has Melissa been dumped over and over again? Something is wrong with her..

  14. I feel the same way! Why on National TV? I understand having a change of heart, he was in love with two girls and had to make a choice! But to agree to dump her on TV, was just wrong!! He is on Jimmy Kimmel saying he “had to do it on tv”
    I wonder how previous dumpee’s feel about this whole ending? They say that ABC did it so people would watch… but honestly I have watched almost every single season of Bachelor and Bachelorette .. but this whole ending sucked… It is getting old with the “shocking endings” that show people getting burnt on love!If they think that people don’t want to see romance and love then why do they keep bringing back Trista and Ryan.

  15. Jason Mesnick was an absolute motherf***** for dumping Melissa. She’s too god for that balding old man anyway!

  16. Who is writing these articles? How dare you judge Jason so harshly. He did what he had to do because he followed his heart. HE got to know Melissa and realized the love was not there. He said on Jimmy Kimmel Live tonight that they had already broken up but under the contract of the show they had to do it again on the air. No one seems to see that he is a good guy regardless of hurting Melissa. She was my favorite but what I feel doesnt matter, he is the one who had to live his life with her. Your article above is so harsh and mean spirited. I still think he is a good guy, I am in the minority but I see something in him that tells me he is a good person and he needed to be honest. Love is a funny thing and it has no rules, you love who you love and you must follow your heart.

  17. I agree! Jason is a tool, whimp bad actor and ABC sucks for allowing it, will be my lasy season to watch. Melissa you are great keep on trying and you will get your man that you deserve. Molly what goes around comes around, good luck and enjoy a used man with a used ring.

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