THE BACHELOR – The Scoop on Molly the Homewrecker and Her Other Lover!!!

The gauntlet has been thrown down and it’s going to get nasty. If you have been hiding under a rock somewhere, you might have missed the major spoiler. Jason picks Melissa, cheats on Melissa with Molly, dumps Melissa at the AFTRC, and picks Molly as his bride to be.  According to Reality Steve and several other web sites. We will get all the messy details this Monday night.

What you may not know, just like Melissa is use to being the dumpee, Molly is use to being the other woman. According to some hometown news, she LUVS guys who are already taken. Shame on you Molly.

If rumors are true on the ABC message boards, Molly dated a “taken” man for three years. Supposedly, she met him at her local country club, and only came on the Bachelor to make him jealous. That would explain why her parents didn’t like him. I wonder what they think of Jason? I wonder if it’s really true?

ABC Boards are on fire reporting the following news:

The “rumors” about Molly dating a “married man” from her hometown of Grand Rapids, MI – is ABSOLUTELY TRUE!!!  I don’t know his name, since I’m not from there – BUT – I’ve been with my “better half” for now almost nine years (and he is from her hometown) and went to the same high school Molly did – and he insists, that this isn’t the “first” married man she’s messed with – so I’m sure – it won’t be the last, either!

As for her coming on this show to make her ex jealous – thinking that he would commit to her – that way, once he saw her, well, I hope for his sake that he runs like all get out (as far and as fast) as he can, because she certainly isn’t a catch I’d want – and I’m sure after all this uproar with Jason – she isn’t much of a catch that any “decent man” with any “moral values” is going to want.  No one in their right mind, wants to walk into a relationship – with this kind of controversy surrounding them – and most people in their right mind, wouldn’t want the drama that comes with it, either.

It sounds like Molly and Jason deserve each other. I see this relationship lasting about five minutes. Melissa count your blessings, your Prince Charming is just around the corner.

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  1. Why would Molly share this affair with family,friends, and co-workers. If i was disrespecting another women like that. I sure wouldn’t tell anybody. And why wouldn’t these so called friends tell her to stop, if they knew what was going on. Molly is in Seattle this weekend. having dinner with Jason and his Mom. I hope his mom brings up the married man,and Molly crumbles under pressure. Sorry but i’m hoping karma bites them both (Molly and Jason)

  2. jason is such an ass………… how could he. he deserves deanna. and now that i hate him he should know he has a huge nose. how could he just start making out with molly just a few minutes after breaking up with melissa. im so sad for you molly. anyways melissa was too hot for him. that f cry baby….

  3. I can assure you Dale Calderone that the things being said about Molly and her affair are TRUE. You must have been left in the dark. A certain co-worker of Molly’s at a certain department store starting with a K confirms the affair that ends up in a messy divorce involving kids.

  4. Jason is like most men, can’t make up their minds. Melissa showed she has character and strength than. Good bye, Jason. If Molly was half of what Melissa is she would have said how cruel he was and no to his offer and walked off stage. He is a creep, scum of the earth I say. He doesn’t deserve anyone. You go Melissa. In my thoughts and prayers.

  5. Molly seems to me to be the quintessential “other woman” and if Jason can justify being “in love” with 2 women at once, what is to say he will be faithful to whoever he marries? The boy needs serious psychological help.

  6. If the rumors are true that Jason dumps Melissa on national television, and that Molly was dating a married man (yuck sloppy seconds anyone) then they truly deserve each other

  7. As someonew who has known Molly and her family like I do, I can assure everyone she is not the person she is being made out to be. I dont know who this source of information is about Brian Jackson is but you need to get better information. This is simply not true and graphically demonstrates why people should remain silent about hear say information. Sounds like whomever gave this information out has a case of sour grape syndrome!

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