In a new show shocker, it was reported that Deanna Pappas was paid an “appearance fee” for her to beg Jason Mesnick to take her back. Gosh, I wish someone would pay me a fee to beg my ex to come back.

This year, ABC has reached new heights in the BS reality department. According to FORT, a “source” has revealed the dirt on Deanna. Also, how ABC tried to bribe Melissa to appear on the ATRC2 show, she said “thanks but no thanks.” It appears producers were trying to film some more “Jerry Springer” time, to watch Melissa and Molly fight over Mr. Sleepless in Seattle. I agree with Melissa, you can keep him.

Here’s the scoop:

$10,000. Officially called an honorarium. Perhaps “acting fee” was the better checkbox. Harrison already admitted in his blog that ABC flew her in to NZ. But this new info only further calls into question whether or not her take-me-back-please-I-goofed plea was sincere. But at least she can now say she tried. “I was told that DeAnna was paid an honorarium, I think it was $10,000 plus expenses, to go to NZ. I was also told that “concessions” were made to get Melissa to appear in the ATFR2. Ultimately, the situation was too volatile and Melissa really didn’t want to do it, so they went with the letter. That way they could control the content.

I wonder if the “letter” they will read on air tomorrow night was actually written by Melissa. I seriously doubt it. Who knows, maybe they paid Deanna another $5k to write it. Or was it written by a script writer? At this point, nothing seems real about Jason’s Bachelor season. What  a disappointment Jason turned out to be. One cheater finds true love with another cheater. I wonder if Jerry Springer will replace Chris Harrison as the host?

Lets hope that Jillian as the Bachelorette will have a happily ever after. Stay tuned.

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Jacy Nova

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