What a bummer. I really thought Mickey Rourke was going to win Best Actor last night. Although, Sean Penn is still one of my favorite actors, he totally deserved the award as well. I think the Academy made an important statement last night by handing Sean Penn the Oscar.

The powerful movie Milk, was an important message about  a man who dedicated his life to love and equal rights for everyone. It’s a definite must see, especially if you live in the State of California, where we are battling over gay marriage rights.

It’s always interesting to hear the Oscar winners  backstage comments. THR Reports, that Sean Penn had the following to say.

Best actor winner Sean Penn extended some of his serious, socially conscious message from the podium to his comments backstage. “What I mentioned from the stage earlier tonight is to see this culture of ignorance, it breeds this kind of hateful expression,” he said. “These people had the (anti-gay) signs outside essentially telling you you’re less than human.” Penn added that he would like to tell them “to turn in their hate card and find their better self.”

Penn also had some dissenting words for President Obama’s stance — the president has said he opposes gay marriage — which Penn has said he hopes will change. “I would like to believe that’s a political stand right now and not necessarily a future one or a felt one. I don’t think any of us, particularly our president, would long be able to take that position because it’s not a human luxury. These are human needs, and they will be gotten.”

Penn also shooed away talk that he and fellow acting nominee Mickey Rourke had any kind of feud over the course of the race. “I’ve known Mickey for over 25 years. I can’t speak for his consistent sense of me because he’s an excellent bridge-burner at times,” Penn said. But he described a close relationship and said Rourke is  “someone I’ve alternatively looked up to and advised,” adding that Rourke “quite literally had me almost throughout ‘The Wrestler’ weeping.”

Penn is a class act. I loved the Oscars last night.

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Jacy Nova

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