Not only is he the “Sexiest Man Alive” he’s the best Oscar host ever. Last night, Oscar got a makeover, and boy does he look HOT now. The new approach was more heart warming, intimate, and entertaining for everyone. It was like watching a Broadway show and it was a HUGE success.

Even Roger Ebert gave it two thumbs up:

It was the best Oscar show I’ve ever seen, and I’ve seen plenty. The Academy couldn’t bring it in under three and a half hours, but maybe they simply couldn’t, given the number of categories. What they did do was make the time seem to pass more quickly, and more entertainingly. And they finally cleared the logjams involved in simply reading the names of nominees. By bringing out former winners to single out each of the acting nominees and praise their work, they replaced the reading of lists with a surprisingly heart-warming new approach. I had a feeling Hugh Jackman would be a charmer as host, and he was.

My favorite part was when past winners said a few words about the nominees. That was definitely a nice added touch and made the night a bit more special.  Hopefully, he will be back next year.

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Jacy Nova

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