What an adorable couple these two made on Oscar night. They looked like they were ready for the prom. Jen had an uncomfortable moment standing in front of Brad Pitt and Angelina during her Oscar presentation. No worries, John was there to hold her hand and make it better.

They decided to skip the red carpet chaos at the Academy Awards — and shared a romantic moment backstage before the ceremony began!

“I really love you, every part of you,” Aniston whispered into the singer’s ear, as reported by AP. The couple entered the Kodak Theatre from the back entrance shortly before the show began — where Mayer joked that it had taken Aniston three hours longer to get ready than him, explaining why they hadn’t arrived earlier.

Aniston and Mayer have been dating since April 2008. Come on John, when are you finally going to pop the question? Aquarians and Libras make a great match!

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Jacy Nova

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