Here is the latest spin on the Jason, Molly, and Melissa soap opera saga. According to a new post, another ABC “insider” says Jason definitely proposes to Melissa, BUT her parents are against her getting engaged. Sounds plausible. This supposedly all happens in the finale. Melissa says she wants to wait on getting engaged.

Jason feeling rejected, thinks he may have made a mistake, and he should have chosen Molly. (Sounds fickle, how can you change your mind so quickly.) Melissa, wants to take it slow, and get to know Jason better. Anyhoo, in the AFTRC, Jason breaks up with Melissa because he says they never saw each other, and she didn’t seem that interested. Blah Blah.

Here is the post:

I am a 67 year old guy who retired form ABC a few years ago. I know a lot of people involved with the Bachelor and my friends have been bugging me to tell what I know about this show.

Until a couple of days ago I knew nothing and I really never even watched the show. But becasue so many people called me for information I did some checking.

I wrote earlier on this website but now I have all the facts so I want to set everyone straight on exactly what happened on the show.

Jason proposed to Melissa and she accepted. Then the cameras kept rolling as they went back to the hotel and Melissa called her parents to tell them. 

After she spoke to them she told Jason that they were dead set against her getting engaged. She said that she loves him but that she thought they should take things slower and not really get engaged until they knew each other better.

Jason was devastated by this becasue he felt rejected again on the show. This was what led to the famous balcony crying scene that has been shown on the previews.

In his voice over Jason says that he fell inlove with two women and he picked the one who he thought really wanted to be with him but now he thnks he made a huge mistake.

He should not have let Molly go.

The screen then switches to Molly in her limo talking about how she still loves Jason and she knows that Melissa was really not interested in marrying Jason but only wanted the fame that came with being on the show.

She hopes that Jason will come back to her if and when things don’t work out with Melissa.

Then the ATFR show comes on and Jason explains that he and Melissa hardly ever saw each other after the proposal. He says that Melissa was very distant toward him and acted like she really didn’t ever want to get married. So he called Molly and began seeing her. 

Melissa says that she was still very interested in Jason, but that she was just being cautious because she didn’t want to make a mistake.

Jason says he knows now that he made a mistake by choosing Melissa and that he has fallen totally in love with Molly.

They bring Molly out and the three of them talk about the process. Some harsh words are exchanged and Melissa ends up leaving the set.

The second ATFR is still in post production but I understand that it shows Melissa is back with her old boyfriend and very happy that things worked out the way they did.

Jason then proposes to Molly.

That’s it folks.

I don’t know, sounds like a possibility. I’m getting dizzy from all this “PR spin” from different media sources. One thing we do know, it sounds like Jason and Melissa are OVER. The Reunion show should be interesting, only two more days.

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