Jade Goody, a popular reality star in the UK, is suffering from terminal cancer. Her doctors have given her only 8 weeks to live, but they haven’t broken her spirit. The mother of two small children, will be marrying her fiancee on Saturday in a beautiful wedding meant for a princess.

A lovely Gemini girl, she has struck media deals worth £1 million for the magazine and TV rights to her story. Unfortunately, she will not have the luxury of looking back on any of it in years to come. But she will leave behind memories for her husband, two young children, and will secure their financial future.

Times Online Reports:

The event is being labelled as among the most poignant celebrity wedding in history. It is certainly one of the most hotly debated. Some believe that the media are exploiting Goody by buying up images showing her bald, ailing and at times distressed. But Goody says that she wants to make as much money as quickly as possible for the education of her two young sons, Bobby and Freddy. It has been speculated that Goody’s death itself might be filmed, though this is flatly denied by Max Clifford, her publicist. Tweed said: “People ask why she’s doing this in the public eye, but that’s Jade. She has done this all her life. It helps take her mind off it and she never feels alone.”

Mr Clifford told The Times: “Although it might be hard for some people to understand, for her what she is doing is totally consistent. It might be unnatural for them, but it’s totally natural for her. The media have exploited her and she has exploited them, and it seems to have worked very well for both of them. The past seven years have been the happiest of her life.”

A bittersweet wedding to remember. Congrats Jade, you’re a true inspiration.

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