Here is the latest update and rumors on the Bachelor. According to new sources, Melissa never wanted to be the final girl, she asked to leave before the fantasy date. Supposedly, she got back together with her ex boyfriend and was ready to fly back home into his waiting arms. According to the the latest ABC Board post, the producers asked Melissa to stay so they could create a “final twist” and have her chosen as the final one. Only to have Jason break off the engagement and end up with Molly.

Here is the post:

1184. JeffS | February 19th, 2009 at 7:31 am
I have been away for a few days and now I return to se the videos and all of the outrage that follows.

Here is the TRUE STORY:

Melissa asked to leave the show during her F3 fantasy date in New Zealand. She had reconciled with her boyfriend and she had no interest in moving to Seattle to become a wife and step mother.

I told you about this a long time ago. At first she was told that she we would not be given a rose at the F3 ceremony, but then TPTB came up with new plan. Would Melissa agree to stay to the end and accept a proposal from Jason? She would not have to date him after the FRC because he would actually be enganged to his real choice, which turned out to be Molly.

Why would Melissa do this? Because she wants to be a star some day and what better way to become famous than to be the girl who “won” the Bachelor only to be dumped later? A little extra cash didn’t hurt either.

The only problem for TPTB was Melissa’s family. They absolutely refused to go along with this and threatened to blow the lid off the whole thing if they were part of it. Hence the revised home town date with Melissa’s friends, which was actually shot after the FRC.

So Melissa was chosen F1 and proposed to by Jason, but they all knew that Molly was the real “winner” (if you call getting engaged to a divorced 32 year old insurance salesman from Seattle with a kid being a “winner”).

I am told that several versions of the ATFR show were taped. That is why the studio was closed off and no audience allowed. They didn’t want it to leak out.

My guess is that RS saw or was told about one version where Jason “dumps” Melissa on national TV. Another version has Melissa dump Jason. A third version has them mutually agree to part.

In all three scenearios Molly shows up becasue the F2 girl always shows up in ATFR. She professes that she is still in love with Jason. With a little prodding from CH they decide to “see what happens.”

ATFR2 is a proposal by Jason and Ty to Molly, and the thee of them they ride off into the sunset to live happily ever after.

I’m sure it’s a combination of both, or ABC is doing damage control over Jason’s image and the Bachelor franchise. Wow, what a season.

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