I know I shouldn’t feel sorry for her but I do. Actually, I feel sorry for the little babies. It looks like Nadya Suleman may soon find herself homeless. According to TMZ, her mother is 8 months behind on her mortgage payments. Where is Nadya and her 14 kids going to live?

This is a very crazy and sad situation. Obviously, Nadya has mental issues. Three of her kids have autism and it’s reported one of the newborns may have cerebal palsy. Her doctor needs to be held accountable for this big old mess.

According to Limelife.com, TMZ is “exclusively” reporting that the grandmother to Nadya Suleman’s 14 kids (including the infamous 8 birthed in January), is waaaay behind on her mortgage payments and may be losing her house to the bank. How much does she owe?

Oh, only $23,224.98! What?! Apparently Grandma has not made a house payment since May of 2008 and the mortgage company has finally come around to collect, filing a Notice of Default on her loan.

I think the reality fame idea has backfired on Nadya. Her publicist has quit and TLC has said no thanks to a reality show. Still, I think she can get a book deal or something. I still have to ask, where is the daddy in all of this? He needs to be held responsible as well.

This story to be continued…

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Jacy Nova

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