OMG! That’s all I have to say. OMG! If what Reality Steve says is true, Jason picks Melissa and dumps her for Molly on TV! If this is true, I owe Deanna an apology, because Jason would have to win “Douchebag of the Year.” This is not only unfair, it’s absolutely cruel, unless it was scripted, and Melissa knew.

ABC Message Boards:

Check them out!!!

So far, Reality Steve is saying that Jason breaks up with Melissa at the first After the Final Rose Ceremony show, takes back his engagement ring, and then pursues a relationship with Molly.

RS claims this was the plan from the start, for Jason to get engaged to and dump Melissa, even though Jason knew early on that he wanted to end up with Molly.

RS says he doesn’t know about the second ATFR, but is guessing Jason will propose to Molly during that show. He said Melissa was completely blind-sighted by what happened during the first ATFR show, even though his source has told him that Jason and the producers planned this all out from the beginning.

RS says Molly was in Seattle on the weekends Melissa was not there!!! How terrible . . . but ABC is going to make it sound like Jason simply had a change of heart.

What did Molly know? RS says he does not know, but this explains why she was so pushy . . . and why she gave Jason that knowing look and nod at the last rose ceremony! I think she knew. She has always seemed like she was insincere, but I couldn’t put my finger on why until now.

YUCK!!!! Why break the heart of a girl, who always gets her heart broken? Poor Melissa Rycroft. Bummer…I hope it’s all a lie and just getting fans upset. Deanna and Jason deserve each other. No, you don’t even deserve Deanna.

Fame as gone to Jason’s head. He cheated on Melissa with Molly? Molly and him will never last. How in the world can you be so cruel????????? UGLY UGLY UGLY!!! 🙁

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